Man requires surgery after swallowing working phone

The Nokia 3310 has long been known as the indestructible phone. Released in the year 2000, it was a brick of a device that could not only survive a long drop but also double as an effective hammer. It seems that even tiny replicas of the classic handset are sturdy enough to travel through the human digestive system, as the person who inexplicably swallowed one can attest.

According to reports, a 33-year-old unidentified man from Pristina, Kosovo, swallowed what looks like an L8star BM90. Several sites have reported that this is an actual Nokia 3310. However, it’s really a 3.2-inch working imitation—swallowing one of the classic handsets would require an impressive lack of gag reflex, and a wide throat.

Skender Teljaku, who led the team of doctors, posted X-ray and endoscope images of the phone still inside the man, along with pictures of it once removed from his body. The device, which had been in his stomach for four days, was too large for him to digest, and leaking battery acid posed a serious threat.

Thankfully for the person in question, the phone was removed without the need to cut open his stomach. Instead, it was taken out in three pieces with an endoscopy procedure that lasted two hours. One hopes he was heavily sedated throughout.

The patient, who had initially visited the hospital complaining of a stomach ache, never revealed the circumstances surrounding the incident. Whether he mistook the phone for a strange-shaped tablet or swallowed it as a bet is unknown. He was reportedly doing well after the operation and recovering.

According to Statista, the most commonly swallowed objects (accidental ingestion) in the US are coins, followed by batteries and nails/needles/toothpicks. No mention of tiny phones on the list.