Keith Butler: I’m keeping my mouth shut about T.J. Watt, I opened my mouth too much last time

In August, Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler defended linebacker T.J. Watt sitting out practice until he gets a new contract. Yesterday, Butler declined to comment further on that.

Asked if Watt will practice in Week One, Butler said he doesn’t know and isn’t supposed to say anything.

“That’s a good question,” Butler said. “Don’t know. That’s all I’ll say about it. Last time, I opened my mouth too much. So I’ll just keep it quiet this time.”

When a reporter told Butler that reporters appreciate coaches who speak the truth, Butler said the truth caused trouble.

“It was the truth, but hey, sometimes the truth gets your butt in trouble in this league,” Butler said. “I’m gonna sit and keep my mouth shut this time.”

It’s unclear what kind of trouble Butler got into for weighing in on Watt’s contract negotiation strategy, but the Steelers would obviously prefer to have Watt back on the field and practicing, and would probably prefer not to have their defensive coordinator talking about contract squabbles.